Imlil Village

Imlil is a small village at the foot of one of the most majestic summits in North Africa, (Toubkal), and the highest. The village is populated by Berbers; it’s not an old village, having been constructed as a base for mountaineers who have come to climb Jebel Toubkal, however it is a very traditional Moroccan village. There is a warm welcome here by the locals and there are plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants for visitors. There are plenty of guides, mules, equipment and information available for those who are planning on climbing the mountain.

Imlil is remote in comparison to lower level towns and villages; however it remains a high interest area for mountain tourism. The village is just over 1700metres above sea level and not far from Marrakech. There are some 3 day tours available during the summer, but not in the winter due to adverse weather conditions. It is possible to climb to the summit without being an expert mountain climber; however, it helps if you are reasonably fit.

The views from the village are amazing and it is well worth making sure you have a reliable camera with you; as you will definitely want to capture the awe inspiring images of what you see. The shops here sell traditional craftwork that is hand made by the Berber people and made to be functional as well beautiful. There is an impressive range of leather, and silver work as well as carpets, handbags, ceramics, and clothing. While apple, walnut, and cherry harvesting has been a source of income for the Imlil people in the past, tourism has taken over as a main source of income for the Berbers.

Not far away is the Oukaimeden ski resort and lake Ifni which is easy to reach from Imlil. There are plenty of activities to take part in here as well as mountaineering such as kayaking, mountain biking and rock climbing. Travelling around the village needn’t be so energetic, although getting around is usually by foot or mule. The paths are uneven and rocky so driving around by car is not really an option.. There are hostels and some modest hotels for those interested in staying over.

This is a beautiful area and certainly somewhere for the visitor who enjoys outdoor sports and climbing. Even those who prefer to take things at a more leisurely pace will find something of value here in the surrounding scenery and breath-taking views of the mountains.

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