Souss-Massa National Park

The Souss-Massa National Park is one of the most breath-taking areas of conservation and biodiversity in the world and is well worth a visit. It is nearly 40,000 hectares of diverse habitat, and for this reason is home to an incredibly vast array of species. It has been in existence for the past 22 years, and is about forty miles from Agadir. It uses its unique position as a main conservator of wildlife to raise awareness about the importance of the protection of endangered species, and it is well qualified to do so.

Its many species of birds are exceptional and one of its most famous tenants is the Northern Bald Ibis which roosts here in its ideal habitat on the coastal cliffs of the park. The numbers for this proud and magnificent bird were dwindling towards the end of the eighties, however great strides have been made to protect it from extinction. There are many other different species of bird here too, including both water and terrestrial. It is a bird watchers paradise; and there are varying opinions on the best time to see them, however it is suggested that anytime between March and November is a good time..It is home to both Moroccan species as well as migratory ones.

Due to its diverse range of environments it is home to a vastly different range of animals as well as birds. These beautiful environments vary from beaches, to lush forests and fields. There is a rich Euphorbia habitat here, which provides a safe environment for tortoises as well as an Argan forest recognised for providing its famous oil as well as to offer precious shade from the hot sun, while sand and sea provide ample feeding opportunities for water birds. Visitors can spend as much time as they wish strolling through the Park at a leisurely pace, but there are tour guides available for those wishing to pursue a more informative path. There is much to learn about this important area of conservation and guides are very helpful.

Animals and birds have come under harsh treatment in the past in order to provide amusing diversions for tourists and many have been killed in order to provide visitors with mementoes. The Park makes a serious attempt at providing visitors with the stark realities of the critical state of some of the species they have here and how important it is to protect them.

The Park is vast so it’s important to wear sensible protection against the sun’s heat when visiting, and to drink plenty of water.

Legzira each and the Rock Arches

The Legzira rock arches are just a little further along the Atlantic Coast and just under half an hour from Mirleft. Here are some of the most spectacular rock archesthat have existed for centuries, having been carved into shape by the thundering waves of the Atlantic. They are an impressive confirmation of the power of the sea and nature itself. They sit majestically against the skyline looking over into theocean.

The sun creates a superb effect as it rises and sets over the sea, giving the rocks its pink red glow. These monumental shapes standout against the sky, and theirenigmatic coves are worthy of further exploration. The grandeur of these rock arches are given an almost ethereal quality as they stretch out into the sea.

They arches are not always visible when the tide is in, and it’s something to take into consideration when visiting. The beach is relatively unspoilt by tourism and can be explored at leisure. They are well worth discovery by the adventurous traveller.

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