Todra Gorge

Visit the Todra Gorge and be stunned and amazed by what you see. The valleys of limestone rock stretch into the sky after having been scissored for generations into the landscape by the swirling rivers of Todra and Dades. With a few hours of precious daylight the sun rays dance through the palm trees that cluster around the base of the gorge. Visit during the day and you are in for a visual treat. You can stay overnight if you wish and take in the perfumed aroma of the fruit and almond trees nearby, it’s fun to stay overnight outdoors to really absorb the atmosphere, but there are two or three hotels near the mining village of Tinerhir, which offer a warm and hospitable welcome during your stay. They are right in the middle of this rugged landscape and your all night stay will include the sights and sounds of the Todra Gorge, but in relative comfort.

The gorge is in a deserted area of landscape and is about 7 hours from Marrakesh. Tours offer a potted history of the Berber villagers who occupy this wonderful place, and the history of the gorge itself, which can tell you how it was shaped out of the environment to become the magnificent canyon it is today.

You’ll want to explore these proud rocks and gaze at the shapes cut into them by the water. They are a truly amazing sight to behold. Some travellers come here to enjoy the hiking, climbing and even skiing that the gorge can offer. Climbing seems like an obvious choice when you see the 300metre high rocks, but be careful if you do decide to climb up them. You should make sure you have expert guides with you that can provide instruction and guidance on how to tackle the canyon.

During the day or night the gorge is stunning, the sunlight amid the vivid blue skies can offer stunning views of the landscape, while at night the stars can show the river sparkling in the moonlight amid the rocks and water. Whether you choose to stay a few hours or stay all night, what the gorge has to offer is an unlimited view of a truly awe inspiring natural phenomena that has amazed people for generations. Make sure you bring a camera with you, because you will find plenty here you want to remind yourself of once you have returned home.

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